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Someone has been abducted and gone missing. After a thorough investigation, you have uncovered their location in a dark bunker beneath a shack on the edge of town.  This will not be a simple rescue mission, however. The kidnapper leaves only once a day for an hour at most and while he is away, this hostage is secured in a jacket which contains an explosive that detonates if removed from the bunker. You must free this person from the jacket and escape the bunker before the kidnapper returns.  Oh…and did we mention that the person you must rescue is a member of your own group? Good luck!  And don’t “blow” it!

Solitary Confinement

SUCCESS RATE:  44%                AVERAGE ESCAPE TIME: 51:25

*Note: This room is dark. Flashlights provided.

No pre-made or purchased games.  All games, clues and puzzles created by and unique to A2Z Escape!

SUCCESS RATE:  50%                AVERAGE ESCAPE TIME:  54:50


Detective Langdon has had a long, successful career with the Douglass County Police and after 25 years, he plans to retire in a few months. Unfortunately, a 20-year-old unsolved case stands in the way of a perfect record under his watch.  As a surprise to Detective Langdon, the Police Chief has called in a special team of investigators to help solve this troublesome case once and for all.  Sift through the evidence and determine whether Carly Gilmore’s death was an accident or murder.  If she was indeed murdered, who has alluded the police for the last 20 years? Solve the mystery and bring an end to Granite City’s biggest cliff hanger.

School’s out for Derek, but today could not have been worse.  It seems crazy to break INTO school but that’s exactly what he must do.  A substitute teacher confiscated his cell phone before the long weekend. The school is locked.  The classroom is locked.  The teacher is gone. And Derek’s cell phone is securely trapped inside Eisenhower Elementary School.  Help Derek survive the weekend and get his cell phone back! 


SUCCESS RATE:   55%                  AVERAGE ESCAPE TIME:  50:35