Retired Rooms

Opened: Mar 9, 2017

Retired: Sept 29, 2017

Success Rate: 50%

Average Time: 50:45

The LA County police department has been secretly working to uncover the truth behind the death of Marilyn Monroe. Detective Alan Tomich was close to exposing the truth when he was mysteriously found dead in his office. You and your team must uncover the clues left by Det. Tomich to not only finish his work and expose the truth but also do it quickly! If he was indeed murdered by his prime suspect, you may be next.


Birthday Escape        33:30

Better than |             36:46

CWittman                 44:10

It Takes 2                  44:40

NDKS                      46:04

TMP Nerds               47:18

Conrad Still Stinks     47:33

Number Nerds         48:30

Nerds International   48:42

Schvatz                   48:45

Opened: May 19, 2017

Retired: Mar 27, 2018

Success Rate: 38%

Average Time: 52:20

Your life in quarantine since the zombie outbreak has been relatively smooth under the leadership of Carl.  That is until today.  An electrical malfunction jeopardizes not only your safety but the safety of everyone in quarantine.  Your leader is away getting much needed supplies and your compound will be overrun with zombies unless you act fast to secure the gates and stop the breach.  Sixty short minutes and six crucial switches make the difference between life and death.


Moist Men                 39:50

KW Coyotes              40:08

Rourkes                     42:38

Karate Kids                42:41

Denio Duo                 42:41

Knoll Clinic Babes       46:15

40 Club plus 1           46:17

Lifetime Zombie Killers 46:18

Team Flash                 46:47

4-H Family                  47:19

Opened: Oct 6, 2017

Retired: June 17, 2018

Success Rate: 41%

Average Time: 51:49

Mary Scarbrough seemed like an average, small-town gal until she found herself at High Limit Casino in Las Vegas.  What started as a night on the town ended up with a missing person report and possible hostage situation...or worse.  Use your detective skills to discover what really happened that night at High Limit Casino before it is too late!


ABC...R                    25:20

KP and the Green Puckers                                         36:35

TMP Nerds 2.0         37:40

Beach Bash Trash      40:58

Brourkes                   41:25

The Proposal             48:16

TombSethSoda          49:57

WOW                     51:00

Made it 1 year!        52:47

Oz-some Four           53:07

Opened: Mar 15, 2017

Retired:   Nov 19, 2017

Success Rate: 45%

Average Time: 52:14

Everyone knows the story of the girl from Kansas, but do you know what happened after she got back? Well, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.  Help her former friends get their gifts back once again. Then help them escape to Kansas and leave that pesky girl behind! 


Magnificent 7           33:33

The 4 Pumpkins         37:38

Escape Goats           39:39

Smokin' Okies          39:46

Memphis Duo           42:20

Stellar 6                   42:26

Hoxie 4                   46:20

No Poopy Diapers    46:22

The Oz-some 8         46:30

CJET                        46:40

Opened: Nov 24, 2017

Retired:   Jan 7, 2018

Success Rate: 47%

Average Time: 44:52

Santa's newest elf, Ralphie, is not satisfied with the working conditions at the North Pole.  To show his displeasure, he has stolen Santa's lucky hat knowing Santa can't deliver presents around the world without it on Christmas Eve.  Don't let a disgruntled elf delay YOUR Christmas!


Santa's Helpers          22:17

Brourkes-B                 31:33

M.A.R.E.S.                34:44

Dances with reindeer  36:04

The 4 Elves                37:20

L.A.M.E.                   40:07

C4KJ                        46:09

Bologna                    51:12

Jing-a-lingers             51:33

Great Clips               52:04

Opened: Jan 12, 2018

Retired:   Mar 25, 2018

Success Rate: 86%

Average Time: 49:18

We saved Christmas and brought an end to Ralphie's Holiday Hijinks.  He is not happy about that, to say the least, and has unleashed his revenge on those who foiled his plan to stop Christmas. Ralphie infected one toy Santa delivered to each household on Christmas. Unless that toy is found within one hour, it will begin infecting all the toys.  No one knows exactly what the infection will do, but given Ralphie's history it can't be good.  You already saved Christmas, now you must save the children from this angry elf's plot to inflict revenge!


Oz-some 4                29:17

Cola Bears                35:48

JAC                          37:03

The Smarters             40:17

Team FOXY               40:49

Team Lollipop            47:20

The Salty G.O.A.T.S   51:15

Grumpy Butts             51:20

Poor Addison             51:23

#Ditched Greg           51:40

Opened: Jun 22, 2018

Retired: Nov 15, 2018

Success Rate: 48%

Average Time: 50:58

You've played the game of Clue.  You've heard the stories of the rough and wild frontier days of Hays City.  Put them together and you get WANTED! Someone is dead.  Follow the clues to determine killer...the location of the murder...the weapon used...and the identity of the victim.  Travel back 150 years into the past to become an expert Saloon Sleuth and figure out who is WANTED for murder!!!


M2                              36:10

Stephens/McFarland      39:09

Happy Tenth                  42:16

Odds Gurlz                   45:07

Colo. Crew                   46:03

The Mystery Machines    47:06

Fischer Crew 6da          47:48

The On Duty Students     48:17

The Professor's Plum       48:36

Bee-Bee's                      49:11

Opened: Dec 6, 2018

Retired: Jan 13, 2019

Success Rate: 72%

Average Time: 49:41

Dalton has a lesson to learn this Christmas. Travel with him through the past and into the future.  The lessons learned will impact his present and maybe yours as well. Join the Christmas Journey to uncover his lesson and help him get back to 2018. Time is running out for his family.


We Are ...                     36:26

NWP LADIES                 40:14

McDeckers                    40:48

Gucci Gang                  42:24

NWP GENTS                43:54

The Leons                      43:59

Sherlock Hughes            46:06

Awesome AACE            46:45

45%                             48:45

ADAM                          49:05

Opened: Nov 20, 2018

Retired: Sep 22, 2019

Success Rate: 48%

Average Time: 50:58

Just like the original Wanted room by A2Z only there is a new killer in town! A new victim is dead.  Follow the clues once again to determine the new killer…the new location of the murder…the new weapon used…and the identity of the latest victim.  Travel back 150 years into the past to become an expert Saloon Sleuth and figure out who is WANTED for murder!!!


CO Crew                      30:08

OklaKanColo Friends     36:57

Mac's Crew                   40:12

ROCO CSI                    41:30

Morgan's 21st Crew      41:46

NWP Ladies                  43:05

NWP Gents                  43:20

The Goonies!!               44:23

Hannah's Bridesmaids    47:18

Schmatkins                    48:37

Opened: Apr 7, 2018

Retired:  Nov 29, 2018 

Success Rate: 62%

Average Time: 47:30

A trip to the Caribbean with friends seemed like an excellent idea.  However, the unthinkable happened and your cruise ship started taking on water after a rough night at sea among small uninhabited islands.  The captain said you must evacuate ship within the hour, but you've been separated from your friends.  Unable to reach them, you fear they are now in grave danger.  Can you rescue them before it's too late?  Will this mark the end of an unsinkable friendship?  Will you SINK with the ship or find your friends and SURVIVE?  Follow the clues to find your friends and escape the ship.


#312                       22:37

The Gals                   24:22

2 Dolls, more Balls     34:43

Lifetime Dental Care   34:55

GGSB left us to die    35:45

Roll Balls                  35:55

GRBD                      36:19

The Webers              36:45

Buoy Babes              38:28

5 dolls, 2 balls         38:39

Opened: Feb 16, 2019

Retired:  Mar 15, 2020 

Success Rate: 46%

Average Time: 54:53

Detective Langdon has had a long, successful career with the Douglass County Police and after 25 years, he plans to retire in a few months. Unfortunately, a 20-year-old unsolved case stands in the way of a perfect record under his watch.  As a surprise to Detective Langdon, the Police Chief has called in a special team of investigators to help solve this troublesome case once and for all.  Sift through the evidence and determine whether Carly Gilmore’s death was an accident or murder.  If she was indeed murdered, who has alluded the police for the last 20 years? Solve the mystery and bring an end to Granite City’s biggest cliff hanger.


MAB Skillz                 38:41

Paradise Pirates          40:32

KC Hays                    40:58

Meople Patter             44:29

Escape Hays              44:36

The Jedi Squad           46:09

T's and the H-pack      46:34

Sunflower Sistaz         47:27

Escape Starrz             48:25

BQ Cold Case Squad  48:44

Opened: Jun 14, 2019

Retired:  Oct 30, 2020 

Success Rate: %

Average Time: 

School’s out for Derek, but today could not have been worse.  It seems crazy to break INTO school but that’s exactly what he must do.  A substitute teacher confiscated his cell phone before the long weekend. The school is locked.  The classroom is locked.  The teacher is gone. And Derek’s cell phone is securely trapped inside Eisenhower Elementary School.  Help Derek survive the weekend and get his cell phone back! 


RoCo CSI                   30:3

Derek's Mom              31:03

Peter's Pak                  39:24

Classy Cousins           39:46

Grad PAD                  39:52

Somethin' Special       40:45

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